Acetaia Malagoli Daniele

Acetaia Malagoli Daniele is a family-run business that was set up in 2015, after hundreds of years of experience making balsamic vinegar. Its core values are authenticity of the final product and the enthusiasm for welcoming guests from all over the world. After graduating from high school, Sofia Malagoli started studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bologna, just as her father wished.

Following her first year of university, however, Sofia came up with the idea of turning her father Daniele’s hobby for traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP into a business. Sofia spent her first six years of life in her mother’s family hotel where she spent a lot of time with people with different backgrounds and nationalities. Even though her dad wanted her to be an engineer like him, she never felt passionate about it and this is why she set up her first business, Acetaia Malagoli Daniele, working alongside studying for her degree.

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Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit and the support of her mum, Barbara, she promoted the Acetaia and their traditional balsamic vinegar not only among family and friends, but to the wider public too. Sofia started planning events at the Acetaia, welcoming local and international tourists, building a solid network and planning many experiences that authentically make tourists live like locals visiting some of the greatest companies of the area in a very authentic way!

It all began in 2015 when Sofia opened a pop up store in the center of Modena, the heart of balsamic vinegar country, and ensured great visibility for the brand amongst locals and international tourists alike. Since then, Sofia has come up with two new product lines that feature balsamic vinegar as the star:
Sofia Luxury Chocolates and Lucilla Anti-Aging Facial Cream: new ways to enjoy the ancient tradition represented by the DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
Furthermore, she is the editorial coordinator of “Il Balsamico, L’Oro Nero di Modena”, the official book about Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (DOP & IGP) that was published in November 2020.
Last but not least, Sofia wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps by branching out into the hospitality sector. So, in November 2022 Acetaia Malagoli Daniele opened its B&B and welcomed its first guests. Although it contains just a few bedrooms, its setting in the heart of the Emilian countryside allows guests to fully enjoy the magic of local traditions in a peaceful setting.

Our Team

Sofia and her team strive to represent a symbol of quality in the local balsamic vinegar-making country, by offering a warm welcome to guests from across the globe, thanks to the recent opening of the B&B. Despite branching out into various different small businesses, the Malagolis keep determination, strong family values and close ties to traditions at the forefront of their work. The most important thing is, and will always be, the passing down of this centuries-old heritage and know-how for generations to come. Making top quality traditional balsamic vinegar remains at the heart of every single move.

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